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HOWTO mount/unmount before/after a backup to an external drive?

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I'd like to mount an firewire drive just before backup and unmont it just after backup (which happens at night), so another person can just take the drive without worrying about loosing data.


I've enaled the drive as a removable media, and I'm backing up to a file.


I've seen there is an Event Handler but I have not managed to make it work.

I have removed the comments for "RetrospectStart" and "scriptStart" and copied the file to /Library/Preferences/Retrospect with both a different name and the same name: "Retrospect Event Handler".

Retrospect seems not to send any messages to this AppleScript.


What am I missing here?

Is there another easier way of doing this?



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> That is not in the manual. Thank you very much Dantz.


But what _is_ documented with the Applescript Utilities is the fact that the script is an unsupported value add for the program. It's not in the manual for that reason.


The AppleScript came into being under "Classic" Mac OS, when the Script Utility did not take it upon itself to add anything to the name of a saved file. So perhaps you'd rather thank Apple for making that change.



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> I've enaled the drive as a removable media, and I'm backing up to a file.


If you're backing up to a File Backup Set stored on the external drive, you do not need to modify the Preferences to allow Firewire drives to be treated as Removable Devices.


Unless you're using Removable Backup Sets, you might want to return the Preference setting to its default.



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I was just frustrated, with both AppleScript and Retrospect.


Yea, know the feeling. You didn't upset anyone; we have thick skins.


Just so you stay happy and don't get more frustrated, the only Apple Event Handler you should be running is the python version if you are sending mail notifications. Here is the python version:

Python Apple Event Handler


Reason: The other scripts (for Mail, Eudora, etc.) change/break with OS releases. Python (at least for now) is a standard.


There is also a fix provided by a user (Simon Hobson) a while back (12/29/2005) to allow email addresses of the form:

"User Name" <user@xxx.com>

That post is here:

Apple Event Handler bug fix



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