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Retrospect causes my Mac Pro to hang indefinitely

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I have the latest version of Retrospect installed on a Mac Pro running Mac OS 10.4.9.


I have an automated script set to back up my user files to an internal drive every night at 02:00 am. My Energy Saver Preference Pane is set to wake the computer up at 01:58 am, so the computer is always ready for the script to run. Finally, the the script is set to quit Retrospect upon completion of the backup. When I check the Last Modified column in the Finder, the backup is usually completed at 02:03 am.


This set up was working well for quite some time without any problems. It seems now that every 2nd or 3rd morning, I awake to find my computer has hung. The screen shows the Retrospect window still open, and the clock in the menu bar has stopped, displaying 02:03 am, regardless of what time it actually is at that point. The mouse works in that I can move the cursor, but nothing else works at all. I can't switch applications; I can't quit applications; I can't logout. I have even tried to access the computer remotely using Apple Remote Desktop from my Powerbook, but that doesn't work either. ARD simply reports that the client on the Mac Pro is not active. My only option is to hold the power button down until the computer shuts off.


Anyone else having similar problems? Any ideas what the problem may be or how to fix it?

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