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Select a disk to add as storage


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I installed Restrospect 7.5 and created a script to backup "my computer" to the ReadyNAS NV+. When I run the script, I am getting a message that indicates I need to "select a disk to add as storage to Saturday A" and indicates there is 25.9 GB remaining to store. I don't understand the message as the Ready NAS NV+ has two 500 GB drives in XRaid configuration, so about 471 GB of storage space available. The hard drive I am trying to back up is an 80 GB hard drive with about 50 GB of data on it. The following message is from the operations log if it is helpful:


+ Normal backup using Dell 8200 Backup at 6/16/2007 2:08 PM

To Backup Set Saturday A...

* Resolved container My Computer container to 2 volumes:

Local Disk ©

Second Hard Disk (H)


- 6/16/2007 2:08:54 PM: Copying Local Disk ©

6/16/2007 2:12:33 PM: Execution stopped by operator

Remaining: 105782 files, 42.7 GB

Completed: 0 files, zero KB

Performance: 0.0 MB/minute

Duration: 00:03:38 (00:03:37 idle/loading/preparing)


The Second Hard Disk (H) is an internal drive I added, but is empty as I have not used it.


Any insight or suggestions would be appreciated.

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