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Dumb Backup of filemaker database

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I would like to make a backup copy of a filemaker database every day, and save each previous days file. The files are of such a size that I can afford to keep them all. It looks to me like each time the database file is backed up it overwrites the previous save. Either I do not understand how to search for older copies using Retrospects "Files Chosen" function, or Retrospect does not recognize the database as changed.


I will appreciate any advice.


Thank you.

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It's unclear what you are doing. Are you doing a "duplicate" (which is not a backup, and does overwrite earlier versions of files) or a backup?


If that's the issue, then just switch to doing a backup.


Otherwise, if you are doing a backup, in Options for the backup set, Matching, uncheck "Match source files to catalog" and that will force a backup of the files regardless of whether it looks like the database has changed.


I would suggest that this be done in a separate script from your regular backup, defining the folder with the Filemaker files as a Retrospect "subvolume" so as to enable normal (incremental) backup of the rest of your files.



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but Retrospect still seems to overwrite the previously saved backup.


This can never happen. Please re-read my prior post because it sounds like you are doing a duplicate, or else you are not doing a "normal" backup.


There is no way Retrospect can overwrite a previous backup if you are choosing "normal backup". Are you choosing "recycle"? If so, that will start over and clear the backup set of all prior backups.


Are you sure you are doing a backup and not a duplicate?


Please describe in much greater detail exactly what you are doing.



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