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Activity Monitor – Operations Log discrepancies


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Performance rates (MB/min) reported by the Activity Monitor are often very different than rates reported by the Operations Log for the same backup. Both report the same exact number of files and same exact file size, but after that discrepancies often occur—the times may be the same or slightly different, within a few seconds of each, and the performance rates may also be the same or extremely different. Anyone know why?--WEB

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Seems that a program that I am depending on to accurately back up critical data would accurately report the same performance times and rates in the Activity Monitor and the Operations Log for the same backup, yet I could not find any mention of how performance rates are calculated or why there are sometimes extreme differences in how they are reported.--WEB

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Example (Retrospect Pro 7.5.837)...


In duplicating user docs to an external HD, the Activity Monitor (History tab), reported that the execution of 124 files/484.2 MB was completed in 00:04:00 which yielded a performance rate of 244.1 MB/min. The Operations Log reported that the performance rate for the same operation was 395.2 MB/min!--nowhere close to the first figure. Perhaps, the differences in performance rates were based on the performance differences between the faster internal HD and the slower external HD. HOWEVER, neither figure matches the actual calculated rate: 484.2 MB in 04:00 mins is 121.1 MB/min!


I have searched and re-searched the Dantz/EMC Insignia knowledgebases and FAQs and cannot find any explanation or mention of these discrepancies.

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