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We've been using Retrospect for YEARS, backing up to DVD+RW, with no problems--until recently. We're Mac OS X 3.9


The problem is definitely user error, but i need to fix it. there's got to be a way to fix it.


here it is:


we're using a pioneer dvr a09xla1. when we quit out of retrospect, the mac gives us that window that asks if we could like to eject, ignore or name the dvd. we've always clicked ignore. it's been normal practice. until recently.


one of the rookies has been clicking 'ok' and thus renaming the DVD's 'untitled dvd' and making them recognizable to the Mac OS, and not Retrospect. so, when we try to get anything off these unfortunate DVDs, we get 'content unrecogizable' from Retrospect.


i want to make the DVDs recognizable again.


how do i do this?

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Is it possible to remove the disk name you put on this re-writable disk using Disk Utility? (I don't own any RW disks to try)


It's possible that when you wrote to this disk with the Finder's Disk Burner software, you modified the structure of the disk enogh to render it permenantly unusuable by Retrospect. But I'd make up a dummy Backup Set, following the same steps to create a few "dummy" discs to use in some tests.


In the future, you can tell the Finder to always "Ignore" discs inserted into a machine; settings are in the System Preferences' "CDs & DVDs" preference pane.

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i want to make the DVDs recognizable again.


how do i do this?




I don't have the answer for you - we don't do DVD backup, only tape. But, in my opinion, this is exactly the sort of question that you need to call EMC support for (and pay for a support incident, if you don't have a support contract). Your data is worth that. It's probably a bit much to expect that answer in this user-to-user support forum, and I've never seen that question posed before.


Here is how to contact EMC support:

Contact EMC support


Good luck.



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