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Cannot retrieve RDB files from Restropect

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I have a Maxtor One Touch 60 GB external drive (I call it my F drive) of which I had to use to restore my Backup Set D, (only backup set at the time), through Retrospect 6.0 to my new internal C hard drive. My original internal hard drive had crashed. After I restored the entire set all at one time, on my new hard drive, I rebooted my computer and I got a black screen telling me hardware/software configurations were conflicting (not the exact words, but basically what is was saying). I never could get it to boot up right, so I reformatted my new internal hard drive a second time. I then went to backup all new files, folders and applications,etc, from the new internal drive to my external F drive, and it is called Backup Set B, of which it is only 2GB of storage (only set showing on Restropect). I discovered the original Backup D set is no longer recognized by Restrospect, yet when I accessed the external F drive from Windows Explorer, it showed my Backup Set D, in a folder with rdb. files only. Also the external F drive still shows the original storage (25 GB) of the D set. I have tried to recreate the rdb. files in Restropect, but Retrospect just will not recognize the Backup Set D when I try to recreate. It only recognizes the new Backup Set B. How can I get these rdb. files out of my external F drive? Is there a way I can convert them without Restropect? Any help is appreciated. I had about four years of files and folders and applications on the D set. Did I actually lose all the files when I first restored them? If so, why would my external F drive still show the original 25 GB of storage? It is frustrating knowing the rdb. files exist, but yet Restropect does not show the D set anymore? Anyway, thank you for hearing me out! I hope I made sense. smile.gif

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