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VXA 1 Tape Drive Not Consistently Recognized

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I recently purchased a Mac Pro Quad 3 GHz computer and moved my files etc. from my old computer this one including Retrospect. My problem is that Retrospect does not consistently recoginize my VXA 1 tape drive that I use for backups. I tried reloading Retrospect but this did not fix my problem.


The drive consisitently shows up in System Profiler so OS X is finding it just fine. Retrospect will find it the first time that it needs it when the drive is connected via a Firewire port. Once Retrospect does a backup to that drive, it will no longer recognize the drive. This persists through restarting Retrospect, reboots, etc. It just does not go out and look on the Firewire bus to look for a compatible backup device when looking at "Configure:Devices" menu. The strange part is that I can move the VXA drive to another Fireport and Retrospect will then find it and and use it for the next backup session only. Once used, it will not see the VXA drive again until it is moved to the orignial or another Firewire port. I can make my backups by always switching ports but this is getting old fast! OS X and Retrospect are at latest release levels (10.4.8, 6.1.126, Driver


Does anyone have any idea what is going on? Any solutions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Thanks for your input. I tried reverting back to but it did not fix the problem.


One of the first things I did in trying to fix this problem was to update the firmware on the VXA 1. This also did not fix the problem. The drive was made by Ecrix which is now Exabyte.


Please let me know if you have any other suggestions.



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