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Open-File Backup / error -1017 (insufficient permissions)

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I´m using Multi-Server Version 7.5.387 with the Drive Update / Hot-Fix 7.5..11.100 on Windows 2003 SP2.

I have a valid license for the "Open File Backup" option. But every time I try to use a backup script, which uses the "Open-File" Option, I got these errors:


- Can't use Open File Backup option for XXX on YYY (D:), error -1017 (insufficient permissions)


So I´m not sure what is wrong. Retrospect is using an Administrator-Account with enough rights (in my opinion) to do a complete backup of one local folder. (I backup only one folder with severals word-documents for testing purpose). I read a lot in this forum about the error -1017 and I seems to be a problem with the Volume Shadow Copy Service from Microsoft.


In the event-log I found the following errors (sorry in german):

Error Nr. 12293

Volumeschattenkopie-Dienstfehler: Beim Aufrufen einer Routine auf dem Volumeschattenkopieanbieter "{f5dbcc43-b847-494e-8083-f030501da611}" ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Routinedetails BeginPrepareSnapshot({f5dbcc43-b847-494e-8083-f030501da611},\\?\Volume{10fdf8c5-87e2-11db-9c22-00138fe4cf8e}\)


I look on www.eventid.net for this error, but their solutions were not successfully. I have Acronis True Image Server installed on the server - but even when I unistall Acronis the open-file-backup won´t work. So what could it be? Is there really a problem with the user-rights or is there an error in the VSS the cause for this problem?


Is there any other possibility that I have installed a software, which causes this error?

Maybe the Virus-Scanner "AVG File Server Edition"?


With kind regards

Christian Steffens

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I found the solution: like I said my suspicions was Acronis True Image Server (since I read about this in a forum). But when I had uninstall Acronis I forgot to reboot the system. Yesterday I tried it again and did the reboot.


And guess: now everything works fine. The open-file option works perfect.

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