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Support for Mitsumi CR-48 XATE

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I'm evaluating Dantz Retrospect Express Backup for customers under Win XP.

Right now I need to use it on a Mitsumi CD-R/RW ATAPI drive, CR-48 XATE.

It is not supported as of now. My questions are:


- Will the drive be supported at a later time?

- Since it sure is very much compatible to the supported Mitsumi drives,

is there an inofficial tweak, how to let the software think it is supported?



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Due to the nature of drive testing, it is not possible to predict when, or if, a drive will be supported. If we encouter a problem in the testing process that requires us to rewrite a driver, that can increase the time it takes for a device to be supported.




If we run into a problem and we need to work with the vendor of the drive to help them implement standard packet-writing commands better and/or to write and release drivers, that can increase the time it takes for a device to be supported.




If a company switches out the mechanism of a drive or changes the specs without telling us, it needs to be requalified from scratch, which means one incarnation of a drive may be supported well before others.




This drive is in testing. Although we are trying hard to qualify it, please understand that not all drives will be qualified, and of those that are, some take a while. Yes it's frustrating. That's why we recommend that you check the compatibility list before making a purchase that may not immediately, or possibly ever, suit your backup needs.



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