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recycle backup - removes tapes from backup set

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we're using Retrospect Multi-server 7.0.344.


My backup schedule is following:


backup sets A,B,C,D...... which are being archived

backup sets X,Y,Z - these are being used in the gaps between main backup sets A,B...

so final result is this:


week | backup set being used

1 | A

2 | X

3 | Y

4 | Z

5 | B

6 | X

7 | Y

8 | Z

9 | C

10| X



My problem is that on the beginning if each week Recycle backup should be done, but it completely resets the backup set & removes all media from it. Then retrospect asks for new media, even though all 16 tapes is corectly loaded in the library. I have to add them manually again into backup set & then everything works fine, until new recycle backup.


Is there any solution so that recycle backup will just erase the members, but not remove them from backup set?


thanks, .stepan

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