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After weekend groom scripts are stuck in waiting queue even though backup sets are not in use.

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Retrospect 7.5.387 frown.gif

Windows XP

Backups are done to disk sets on a 2 terrabyte raid volume.


This is the second weekend I have come in to find Retrospect showing all the groom jobs that are supposed to run Friday night waiting for their backup set, but the sets are not in use and there are no operations running on the executing tab. When I try to exit retrospect it says exiting and hangs there indefinately.


When I shutdown and restart the server and open Retrospect it starts some sort of operation on the first backup set in the queue immediately. It says restoring snapshot for each snapshot like it is rebuilding the backup set. Once it has restored all snapshots it immediately starts the groom job for that set that was stuck. The rest of the groom jobs remain stuck in the queue still indicating that they are waiting for the backup set that they operate on.


When I delete all of the remianing groom scripts from the queue the backup scripts that usually run Saturday night all start firing off. Why are all my groom operations thinking that the backup sets they operate on are in use?


The only thing I can think of that may have changed is that I probably installed the latest Retrospect update a couple weeks ago. 7.5.387.


Any help is appreciated.

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Called phone support. They had me start a new configuration file with just one of the backup sets that is having trouble. I was able to groom it using a new config.

They told me the solution will have to be to use a new config file, that the old file must be corrupt. I've been through that once before and it was not fun. So not wanting to spend the day doing that I instead put the old config back. I tried grooming the same set just for troubleshooting purposes and once again it got stuck in the waiting queue waiting for its backup set.

I forgot the backup set. I then Reopened the backup set using the more option in the backup sets window. I then added it back to all the scripts that use it. I ran groom on it and now it is grooming. I ran groom on several of the other backup sets that also were stuck and they are running for some reason without going through any of that. Whatever. I'll update this if I have to do a full config file rebuild.

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I have a simular problem.


If the disk is in the server when the grooming script kicks off then it seems to work OK... if the disk is not in the server it seems to execute and hang. The only was you can stop the groom script is to kill Retrospect EXE - which isn't very pretty! (i.e you can click stop all you like and it'll just sit there)


I'm sure this is corrupting my catalogue files also when I'm forced to crash the app.



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It seems to be running better now that I forgot and re-added the backup set. This did not work for one of the sets which seemed to be fixed by repairing its catalog. I would have restored the config from several weeks ago, except that I was pretty sure it was made before the last retrospect upgrade and I didn't know if it would be compatible or not. But that would have been my next move before rebuilding the config which would have been last resort for sure.

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