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Calculating number of backup tapes required

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Hello, I am creating a new backup script and want to backup every day and keep a monthly tape as an archive. Funds are limited so I am trying to calculate what is the least number of tapes I would need for a year to do the above? I am a bit confused at the point in the script where is says weekly or daily rotation. Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks.

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Can anyone offer any advice?


No. The answer will vary wildly depending on the selectors you use, the compressability of your data, the capacity of your tapes, the capacity of your disk drives being backed up, how much data is on the disk drives, how much the data changes over time, how much you use the system, etc.


If, for example, you have a system that you never use, starting it up only to do the backup each day, always selecting only one file for backup that never changes, then one tape will suffice for the whole year for the daily tapes and one tape will suffice for each month's archive.



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