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Event Handler - not catching events

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I know the Event Handler is ancient and essentially unsupported. But I'm trying to make it work with a custom script. But I can't even get the basics to work.


I have the following script:



display dialog "This works" --a test to confirm the handler launches


on scriptStart given scriptName:theScript, startDate:theDate

display dialog "This doesn't work"

end scriptStart



Saved as an application "Retrospect Event Handler" in the right folder. I've removed the .app extension. The handler app launches when it's supposed to; I see the icon in the dock, and the first line of the script causes the "This works" dialog to pop up. But when I start a script, the scriptStart event isn't triggered; that dialog never appears. I have other commands in scriptStart which also don't work.


Obviously I want to do more than display dialogs, but if I can't catch the events there's little else I can do. I've had the same lack of success with serverStart and retrospectQuit.


This is on a MacPro, OS X Server 10.4.7, and Retrospect Server 6.1.126.


Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

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Copying from the example worked for me. Thanks for the tip on removing the .app extension, =)



on scriptStart given scriptName:theScript, startDate:theDate


set dialogResult to display dialog ¬

"scriptStart:" & return & return & "Retrospect script “" & theScript & "” is starting on " & theDate ¬

buttons {"Skip", "OK"} default button "OK"

return button returned of dialogResult is "OK"

end scriptStart

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