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Retrospect 6.5 - Recatalog from disk problems

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I have a frustrating problem that is stopping me from running my backup, i aplogise if this has been covered before, or i am missing something simple.


I have 6.5.530 Multi Server with full add on pack installed on a windows 2000 server


I have been trying without success to recatalog a disk based Backup sat consisting of 4 500GB IDE Hard drives


These drives are connected to the server using removeable drive caddies and a grantite digital IDE to firewire bridge board (Oxford 911 chipset) connected to the server using Unibrain RED PCI firewire Card.


I am trying to recatalog from All disks. Retrospect requestes me to insert a disk, select the backup set i want to recataog, then a few moment later a dialog comes on the screen asking

Are there any more discs in this backup set' 'yes or no'


i insert all four discs in turn, clicking yes between each disk, then No after the 4th disc has been insterted.

Shortly afer that, i am presented with another dialog window with an icon with 2 floppy drives and two arrows in a (which i assume means change disks) 'select the next disk member to recatalog' . under that a list of the drives on my server and a 'Proceed' button at the bottom right


i select the backup set disk in the machine, the click 'Proceed'


Retropect then asks me 'Really STOP excecution of Recatalog?' 'yes or no'


If i click NO, i am taken bak to the 'select the next disk member to recatalog' window, if i click yes the process is cancelled


I have tried instering in the disks in forward order (1234) reverse (4321) and in a random order and get the same result


all the discs seem readable and in good shape technically, so i am stumped as to why restrospect does not begin recataloging the backup set, am i missing something obvious?


I would appreciate any help you can give me


Thanks In advance



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