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DVD Media Problem

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I have looked around a bit and have not seen this problem, but have seen some similar stuff. Does it sound right that I should have to use the very same brand of media with a custom driver for my Memorex DVD drive? I created the driver using Maxell DVD-R media when I first installed retrospect quite a while ago. Since then I have tried Sony and Memorex DVD-R media and Retrospect will not recognize the media. From what I have read here I assume:

1. I will have to reconfigure the driver with the media that I want to use.

2. My old backup media will not be read by Retrospect unless I reconfigure with the old media.

I guess if that is the way it has to be then that is it but it does strike me as odd that media of the same type just from different manufacturers can't be used.

Or I might have another problem. If anyone has any ideas, I would like to hear them.



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