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Frustrated iMac User

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So... having waited many months since buying my new 24" iMac (with Matshita DVD-R UJ-85J drive, Intel Core 2 Duo processor, currently running OS 10.4.9) for a driver update, I've now installed the latest driver update -- -- and still can't back up to my internal disc drive. I'm on Retrospect 6.1.126, if that matters. I've seen others who have had success with the Matshita UJ-85J, but clearly this isn't working for me. I've been able to configure the drive on Retrospect to work with DVD-RW. However, when I run my backup script, Retrospect clearly isn't recognizing that I've inserted discs in the drive. It says:


"no removable media found."


This message appears whether or not the disc is mounted on my desktop before starting the backup or not. In fact, as Retrospect is running, the disc UNmounts from my desktop.


Sigh. Any idea what's going on, here? I can't even configure the drive to work with DVD+RW discs, and I'd really like to continue to use Retrospect (as I did with my last Apple), but this is really frustrating me!

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One of the reasons for the slow operation may be your manual configuration. If the drive is a supported drive, the parameters in the RDU are more optimal (sic). Drag the .rdi file in /Library/Preferences/Retrospect to the desktop (with Retrospect not running), relaunch, retry.


That way, you can always move the .rdi file back if things go bad, without reconfiguring.



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Once again, I'm humbled by the expertise of those who help out in these forums. Thanks, rhwalker. I've dragged the .rdl file to the desktop. The process of erasing a DVD is still taking forever, but the rest of the process is much quicker. Although... it no longer calls my drive a Matshita UJ-85J, but calls it a Pioneer. I couldn't care less, but that is odd.

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