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New hard drive


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I installed a new hard drive in my computer, and used the manufacturer's software to transfer the operating system and files to the new drive from the old one. The computer is now booting from the new drive, and all of the programs I have tried are executing properly from the new drive. (At the moment I have the old drive disabled for testing, but I plan to use it for extra storage.)


Retrospect has somehow figured out that the drive it used to back up is now labeled Drive F:, and it backs up that drive instead of the cloned Drive C:. What do I need to do to make Retrospect (Professional, version 6.5.382) pick up with the new drive where it left off with the old one?



Cliff Lewis

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Retrospect will match the files on the new drive to the files in the backup set already. Any files that are an exact match will not be copied again. That said, it's hard to say how many files may have new time stamps from the "transfer" process. Anything with a different date/time will be re-copied.

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