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Drive in use by others. It's not.


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SYSTEM: Retrospect Pro 6.5.336 on Windows XP to external hard drive; standalone PC; no network.


PROBLEM: Backup can't find external drive.


BACKGROUND: Everything has been working smoothly until a couple of weeks ago. The Backup reported about 75 errors. Next Backup said the device E: (external HD) is "in use by others". It's not. Windows Explorer can read and write to the drive. I did a partial Verify Media and found no problems. I have turned software and component off and on several times.


Configure/Storage Devices/Status shows only the CD drive (no media). Environment shows CD drive black, and External HD in gray. Device Manager finds no problem with the XHD drive. It's turned on and hooked up.


Backup Set says "appending requires another member. Free zero K". Presumably this is referring to the CD drive that I don't use for backups. Windows Explorer says Drive E: has 21GB free out of 75GB total.


QUESTION: Any idea why the Backup script suddenly can't find the drive it has been using for the past couple of years? Surely 30% free space is enough for overhead.

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