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Errors on full c: drive backup

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I'm trying to backup the entire c: drive of a Windows 2003 system. For about the last year it's been working great, I have a Retrospect client installed and my Multi-server edition backs it up every night over the network.


A few weeks ago I started getting error messages, can't think of anything that's changed – rebooting the server seemed to help at first, but isn't much of a solution.


I've also tried reinstalling the client with no success.



Can't back up Removable Storage Manager, error -517 (backup client is busy)

Can't back up COM+ Class Registration database, error -517 (backup client is busy)

Can't back up IIS Metabase, error -1017 (insufficient permissions)

Can't back up WMI Repository, error -517 (backup client is busy)

Can't back up registry, error -517 (backup client is busy)


The system is available on the network, and all other operations (backup or not) are working fine and it's not under any stress as the backups occur at night.


Server: Retrospect Multi-Server Edition

Client: Retrospect Client 7.5.116

Both are Windows 2003 systems with 2 Ghz Processes and 2 Gb or RAM


If anyone has some suggestions that would be a great help.

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0. seems like, a Active Directory Group Policy Heritage,

have you check that, try to leave an Administrator user, loging to server, when the backups execute.

without closing the session, without screensaver or wallpaper


1. lauch a manual backup, and see what happend


2. see if other task work at the same time, on what time the backups happend?


3. was any recent windows update installed, before the problem occurs, try to remove it,

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