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Scheduled executions not running


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I have seen the many posts on this topic where the red "X" button is depressed and this is causing scheduled executions to be deferred. I have checked the button and it is not depressed. The checkbox labeled "Don't allow scheduled and waiting executions to start" is NOT checked. However, when I exit the Retrospect UI, the scheduled executions do not run. When I start the UI in the morning, it tells me that it is starting stopped executions.


What other reasons would Retrospect (v7.5.370 with hotfix v7.5.11.100) have for not starting the scheduled executions?



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I'm using 7.0, so this may not apply. When exiting the Retrospect UI do you get a dialog about checking the media for the next scheduled backup? If not, there is a good chance that Retrospect is not running as a service. From what I have read online, there should be a process named retrorun running all the time. So check services and task manager to verify.

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