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Client "Shut down when done" setting not working

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I need some help. Our office has the following set-up:

Retrospect for Mac 6.1.126 running on a G4 w/ OS 10.4.9

Client Macs on LAN—G4s & G5s w/ OS 10.4.9, Retrospect Client 6.1.130

I have set the back-up script's Options-->Client System to "Shut down when done". According to the docs this arrangement should intercept the Finder shut down command on client Macs and defer it until the back-up has run. Back in the OS 9 days (at another office) it did just that, resulting in a bouncing retro-cube until back-up, then shut down. Under OS X I cannot get it to work. The shut down command executes immediately. I must be missing something.


Thanks in advance for the help.



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The shut down command executes immediately. I must be missing something.


Yes, you are (well, actually, it's Retrospect that's doing the missing of something). That only works on Mac OS 9. Sadly, Retrospect is still pretty much the Retrospect from Mac OS 9. I've given up hope that there will ever be a Universal Binary version, or that the long-standing bugs will ever be fixed.


There is, however, a script you can install on the Mac OS X clients that does pretty much what you want from the client side. You leave the client at the login screen, the backup happens, and then the client shuts itself down. It's a hack, but it does work. The script is here:

Retrospect shutdown of Mac OS X clients


Note that, if the client is asleep, it needs to be woken up first. I suggest that you set the client's energy saver preference to wake up a couple of minutes before the backup as a precaution.



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