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Error -2,147,221,164

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Hello everyone,


My Retrospect software fails to backup my domain controller. The domain controller is running Windows 2000 server in a VMWare virtual machine. It was backing up the DC VM and suddenly stopped. The error number I encounter is in the title of this post. In the log it specifies the following:


T-39: MapError: unknown Windows error -2,147,221,164

T-39: W2dbIISMetabaseOp: CoCreateInstance failed, winerr -2147221164, error -1001

> Can't back up IIS Metabase, error 1904855908


It then says snapshot stored, 74.2MB

1 execution errors

completed: 14467 files, 2.3GB


I don't have IIS installed so there should not be any IIS Metabase to worry about. I am unable to restore the snapshot. For restoring I have a second host server (host2) with a copy of the domain controller VM running in host only mode so it doesn't have access to the network. I use a private LAN switch and a mapped drive to access host1 from host2. Host1 has the backup files and catalog files. Host2 reads the backup and catalog files to do the restores.


I tried loading updates to Retrospect server, and uninstalling and reinstalling the Retrospect client. I also installed windows updates. None of the above changes have fixed the backup and restore problem. I have several other server VMs that I backup and restore in the same manner which are working (including a SQL server box, Exchange server box, and a file server box).


Anyone have any ideas?

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