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Multiple Instances of SQL server


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I am evaluating the MultiServer option of Retrospect multi server.

On my backup server there are two instances of SQL server a SQL2000 Default instance and a named instance of SQL2005.


The browser can only see the SQL2005 instance but not the SQL2000 server.


SQLDMO is correctly installed as I can open the databases in the enterprise manager and the SQL server managment studio?

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More information:


When I try to browse for the SQL container I get this error in the operations log (after changing the logging mode to debug)

TWDBSqlServer::InitDMO: context not set but request secure context


To rephrase.

The server which has retrospect installed is running two SQL servers.

SQL2000 server which is a default instance.

A named instance of SQL2005.


When looking into My Computer in the Volume Database only the SQL2005 Server instance is visible but not the SQL2000 server.

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Multiple versions on the same server has never been tested with Retrospect. I just ran a quick test and was able to replicate the behavior.


Multiple instances from the same version work just fine. You should consider upgrading your 2000 instance to 2005.


A bug has been logged.

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