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Retrospect 6.5 Backup Errors


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I often run my daily backup while I am using my computer. I get error messages in my log that I know are related to the programs I am running and data I am changing. Sometimes, though, I am not using the computer and I still get errors. They are related to Google Desktop, my DSL connection, my HP computer checking for automatic updates (all error 1020), and Norton Antivirus (1101, as well as these two messages: different modify date/time, and didn't compare at offset). I understand that if I'm using my computer, files affected by those errors will be corrected in a subsequent backup. But the other errors always occur. If I want my backups to be able to restore my whole system, how do I avoid these? Do I have to disable Norton temporarily and turn off my DSL connection while I backup? That's not going to solve the Google Desktop error. Any suggestions?

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If I want my backups to be able to restore my whole system, how do I avoid these?


Backup a completely quiescent system, perhaps booted from a different disk.


An alternative would be to decide whether these errors are significant (perhaps they are just log files for the various programs - you haven't provided any detailed information).


Another alternative, used for some programs (e.g., database programs, where simply having error-free backups of individual files is not enough - you have to have a consistent set of related database files) is to have the program at issue create its own checkpoint / backup, and have Retrospect back up that known-good checkpoint.



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