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Getting Retrospect to use a skipped member

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I have a Mac Pro with about 750GB of data on the four internal drives.

I back up to external firewire drives used as removable devices.


During a recent backup Retrospect went looking for an offline disk and couldn't find it. I got a "Please insert a new disk which will be labeled 3-BackupSet." I found the offline disk (2-BackupSet) and got it back online however Retrospect continues to ignore this disk even though it has 250GB of free space available. Retrospect wants a new disk and I can't get it to finish using the space on the second disk.


Is there anything to do short of a recycle backup?

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Is there anything to do short of a recycle backup?


There is, sort of...


Retrospect backup sets are strictly sequential. Once Retrospect writes to a higher-numbered member, it can't go back and write to a previous member.


However, when Retropsect asked for a new member that it named "3-BackupSet" it should have flagged the second member as missing. If you can afford to trash all the data on that member, you can leave it as "missing" (or designate it as such again in case you marked it "Found"), erase the disk, and use it as member "4-BackupSet" when 3-BackupSet fills up.

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