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Intel Mac Pro - DVD drive won't close w/ retrospect express?

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Hey all,


When I open my Retrospect Express (v6.1.126, with RDU on my new Mac Pro (OS 10.4.8), the drive (Pioneere DVD-RD DVR-111D) is recognized, but becomes incapacitated. I am not able to open or close the drive.


I have found a 'work around,' by putting in a DVD before running the Retrospect Express software. However, when a change of disk is needed, Retrospect ejects the first disk and will not accept a new disk. If I load a new disk and manually force the tray back into the computer, the new disk is recognized and Retrospect seems to go on it's merry way. Or, at least until a new disk is required...then I must repeat the process.


I am not comfortable 'forcing' media into my drive. Does anyone have a solution?


Here's to the collective knowledge of the masses!




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