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Unexpected Client Login Request


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I have been using Retrospect 7.5.370 and Client 7.5.111 for many months now. Was working fine until a month or so ago, when it started failing to back up the client consistently. (Backups on the main machine continue to go fine.) If I try to Run the script normally used for the client, I now get a popup box that wants Connect as and Password values filled in. Besides never being requested before, I don't know what to answer: the only account on the Client is the default Administrator account and it has no password.


Configure/Clients does see the client and its disks. Explorer can see the client and its disks/files just fine in the network neighborhood (both directions). Both machines are running WXP SP2 as well as recent updates; they are connected through a Linksys WRT54G router. (The client is a wireless laptop, but that does not seen to matter.)


Problem 1: What is causing the request to login and how do I avoid it? That is, how do I get the client backups working again?


Problem 2: If I do try to login, using say "Administrator" and any password, I then get the complaint error -1017 (insufficient permissions). That is perhaps not too surprizing. What is surprizing is that Retrospect then locks itself in a knot so tight that no even the TaskManager can kill it. The only way to get back to normal is to force power off (Windows Shutdown hangs too, probably waiting for Retrospect to die I speculate) and reboot. This latter problem shouldn't happen, but if I can resolve Problem 1 it will be far less of an issue.

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