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"Please Insert Media" request

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Greetings, I am running Retro 6.1x on OS X 10.4.8 and an LTO3 Autoloader with one drive. (fully supported according to HCL)

My problem is-

I have 2 primary backup sets one is for OnSite disaster recovery the other is a dublicate but I take the current Tapes off-site in case of big boom/fire/apocalypse/etc.. I have scheduled my scripts accordingly to coincide with the next day re-insertion of the current "Off-Site" tape. The Configure/Devices tab immediatly acknowldges that the tape has been inserted and is available in the library. (I re-insert tape to same slot in autoloader). But when the schedule runs Retro scans and then requests the tape.. I must either manually move the tape to the drive for it to recognize or stop the execution,

quit retro,re-launch and run script. If I have checked the prefrence to "Skip Media if missing" then retro will grab a new tape and proceed with the backup even though the other tape is sitting there..


I considered one way around this was to set application prefs to quit retro after scheduled executions thinking maybe that the retro config file was not updating its internal list but this has not seemed to work.. Even though I have set this pref Retro is not quitting after executions so I do not know if this would work or not.


Anyone with any other Ideas??



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