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"Waiting for execution unit"


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I upgraded from 6.5 to 7.5 in October but have only recently been able to configure Professional 7.5 with additional client licences to backup a laptop, two desktops and the fileserver on which it is installed to backup up to a NAS device and then to AIT tape. Previously I have been using version 6.5 to back the fileserver up to AIT and the other PCs to individual hard drives.


I have followed the whitepaper on the website, but cannot use a Proactice backup because I would have to upgrade to the server version. Rather than using the Proactive option as described I have specified scripts instead to run at different times. However there are two problems:


1. The Activity window displays "Waiting for execution unit". None of the scripts run.

2. An SQLExpress database is not backed up (it was with 6.5). There is a sharing violation error. However it is not opened by anything else and I have Open File backup enabled.


I have not purchased the option for multiple execution units because I don't need it.


Hopefully someone can help. I cannot find any answers in the KB or help.





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Thanks for the reply. I have been away, hence the delay in responding.


I don't have the server version and assume this is why I cannot specify "Any execution unit" (or cannot see this option in Preferences or anywhere else).


I have setup some scripts and none of the ones that backup to disk work. From the help file I assume that one script will execute after another, but they don't. Each script that backs up to disk appears to be waiting for "an execution unit". I have checked that the backup set disk is available, which it is.


I have to say that I am not at all happy with the advice the EMC sales person gave me back in October. This is the first time I have found Retrospect difficult to use and the help files of no value.


Any other ideas would be much appreciated!

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