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Grooming bug - Grooming failed, error -1115 (disk full)


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I have continued to get errors when I run grooming on a backup set that includes multiple clients on my network. The backup catalog is not compressed. It is now approximately 904kb in size. The drive on which that catalog is stored (D:) has over 111gb free and the C: drive has over 105gb free.


I am running 7.5.370 Professional on Win XP SP2 which is kept current with all of the Msoft OS fixes.


I have run into this same problem before when I chose to compress the catalog - so it does not seem to be related to that setting.


I would guess that there is some bug in the code that corrupts the catalog perhaps - and causes the grooming operation to kick out this error or perhaps there is some faulty code in the area the looks at free space during the grooming operation.


Any known way for me to work around this problem?

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