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BSOD on client when Retrospect 7.5 tries to backup


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We have 7.5.111 and all was working well until one month ago when Retrospect started giving my IBM T40p running Windows XP SP2 the BSOD when it would try to backup at 1 PM each day. This was happening every other day, but now appears to be consistently happening almost all the time. I don't have time to read the error message before the machine reboots. Microsoft reports back after I send the error report that there's a problem with a device driver, but is not specific. I don't have too many clues as to why this has started, except possibly that I installed an upgrade to Quicken (but it's never running during the backup). A brief talk with TS suggested that NAV anti-worm might be the cause but turning it off didn't help, and it wasn't a problem before. I do have a number of programs open (Outlook, Word, Excel, Acrobat Professional, etc.), but that's never been a problem in the past. It's a problem to shut down all programs during the hour or so of backing up because I can't work during that time. Ideas appreciated.

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