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need a user-entered password, but can't ask


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Every morning Retrospect has been starting up and executing a script that does a progressive backup. I have two backup sets on an external hard disk and alternate between them. I've been doing this for about eighteen months.


I am now required to use encrypted backups. Yesterday evening I created two new backup sets on the same drive, with this configuration:


Backup Set A

Disk Backup Set



Options: Normal

Security: AES-256 encrypted, Password entry required



Password: Ask for any access


I changed the script to use the new backup sets.


The backup sets appear to be there: I see them on the drive. The above is from the properties of one of them.


This morning,Retrospect started, appeared to start the backup, and immediately stopped. The History says: Execution incomplete. Below there is the discrete notice: (See log for details.)


The log says:



+ Retrospect version 7.5.370

Automatically launched at 3/30/2007 10:00 AM

+ Driver Update and Hot Fix, version


+ Normal backup using IRS X at 3/30/2007 10:00 AM

Can't access Backup Set Backup Set A, error -703 (need a user-entered password, but can't ask)

3/30/2007 10:00:18 AM: Execution incomplete



What's the problem, please? Too shy to ask?


I was sitting right there watching, with the password hidden inside my head, ready to type it for Retrospect, but, as you see above, I was not asked for the password.


[i've spent a lot of time this morning with Retrospect Help and with the Users Guide, but as is always my experience with these documents, I don't find any explanation. (The Help and Guide seem to be written for someone who knows how Retrospect works (for example, how passwords work and what the options mean) and is using the documents as a reminder of details.) Anyway, sorry about this diversion.]


Since I am required for government work to do an encrypted backup every day, I eagerly await help.




Cordially, Joaquin

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