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LaCie 16x Lightscribe DVD won't configure

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Our LaCie 16x Lightscribe DL d2 DVD RW USB&FW v2 will not manually configure with Retrospect 6.1. The disk goes in, spins 3 times, pops out and back in, as the dialog box says it is checking. Then the "not compatable" message appears. I downloaded and installed the latest drivers - and then which specifically lists this drive. It seems there is 1 letter difference in the version - ours is SH-S162L and the driver supports SH-W162L. What is the significance of that difference and how can we overcome it?


Details - G5 iMac 1.6 gHz, MacOS 10.4.9, firewire connected

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Here are the Samsung support pages for these two drives:

Samsung SH-S162L specifications

Samsung SH-W162L specifications


The SH-W162L is discontinued, so presumably is an older model.

Those two pages also have links (on the right hand side) to firmware updates and the Manual. You might want to try updating firmware and studying the manual. See below, it appears that you might have to remove the drive and put it in a PC with an ATAPI interface in order to update firmware.


It's always a good idea to research problems like this at the manufacturer's web site before posting. Google is your friend.



how can we overcome it?


Well, the flippant answer is to get a supported drive.


If the RDU supports the SH-W162L, then the RDU will as well and would be the better one to use. If the drive is handled by the RDU, then you are better off NOT doing a manual configure. I would suggest dragging the .rdi file (in /Library/Preferences/Retrospect ) to the desktop and trying with the RDU. Did you try that without manual configuration? Why did you do a manual configure?


Interestingly, the Retrospect Supported Devices database says that the SH-W162L is "not tested" and has no information on the SH-S162L:

Samsung SH-W162L Supported Devices lookup

However, you are correct that the RDU indicates that SH-W162L support was added with that version, so it should also be in the RDU.


From the manufacturer's manual, the SH-W162L appears to have an ATAPI interface, which, I guess, means that LaCie has some sort of ATAPI to USB interface in its box for that drive. also appears to be the case for the SH-S162L drive. So the problem might not be the drive, but could be the LaCie USB interface translation.


Simply FYI, my approach over the years has been to first determine our needs, then determine appropriate software that met those needs, then to determine what hardware was supported by the software, then purchase.


Good luck.



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Thanks for the insights. Background info - we picked Retrospect based on prior experience with the app and the scope of our back-up requirements. Then checked their web site list of supported drives. The drive we ordered was on the list but the vendor substituted the Lightscribe version to be "nice". We didn't think anything of it, and couldn't switch to the new computer/Retrospect/DVD drive combo for 4 months after receiving the drive. Then the incompatability issue became apparent. Talking the vendor into taking back the drive may be the best solution, but if I can make this one work I can avoid the argument.

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Ok, I wasn't trying to be difficult.


Tape drives are problematic. I wrote a few tape drivers in my youth, and they were difficult to make generic as vendors kept introducing new models, each with their own quirks.


The Retrospect programmers have been VERY slow over the past year or two in adding support for new devices, so I wouldn't hold my breath on getting an unsupported device to work.



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