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Urgent multi server, your advice please


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I accidentally set our nightly backup from normal to recycle. This backup goes back two years in time and has about 1tb worth of data in the catalog.


This morning I found the catalog to be completely new (as the recycle option would do), so I began to panic realizing the previous backups were lost. Later i also realized i need to restore some files from that particular backup set.


here's where your advice comes in:


I am attempting to rebuild the catalog via Tape. Currently I have the nearest to first tape of the catalog loaded and rebuilding. If i want a more recent file this wont really help me, correct? If that's the case I have a recent backup from a few days ago that should have the file i need. the only reason i did not rebuild from that catalog/tape is because it asked specifically for the first tape.


please advise if there is any better way out of this situation.


thanks frown.gif

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Reading the documentation for Retrospect 6.5 MS, for repairing a catalog it specifies


"if you do not have the most recent medium, insert the most recent available member of the Backup Set to be recataloged".


So, I would assume that i want the most recent tape i have to get this semi-new file that was backed up?


Also, what is the scope of the repair catalog? Does it know of all the previous tapes if you repair from the most recent tape?


many thanks

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