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"Restore security information for matched files" option?

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I was trying to test this option out and maybe I'm just not understanding it...


I performed a restore that had NTFS security information in the snapshot, but I didn't restore them (as is the default with the restore options), after the restore I tried to use this option for a new restore job in hopes that it would simply apply the NTFS security permissions and not spend the time restoring the data from tape. So I selected the same snapshot "Source" the same "Destination" and the same "Files Chosen" (all) and then checked both "Restore security information" and "Restore security information for matched files". When I executed the restore it simply made a duplicate folder of the backup set name with an added a "-1" on the end of the folder name and then started to restore the information all over again. I was expecting it to "analyze" the files on the destination, compare it to the snapshot and then simply move along to restoring the NTFS security info. Is this wrong??


The documentation describes this feature as:


"If the same file exists in the source Snapshot and on the destination, and the only difference between the two files is their security information, the file on the destination is replaced with the file from the Snapshot"


Oh, and when doing a restore is there anyway for the restored data NOT to be extracted to a folder of the backup set name? I find this annoying sometimes, plus sort of came up when I was testing this feature as I figured the "path" would need to be the same performing the restore...





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