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"Can't Restore Removable Storage Manager Data"


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I seriously messed up my Windows registry, so I performed a full restore using Retrospect. Ever since, I get an error message each time I reboot the computer.


After reboot, a dialog box appears on the screen. This is BEFORE anyone logs in to the computer. The dialog box appears right under the Windows logon box.


The caption of the dialog box says Retrospect Helper. The content of the dialog box is Code:

Can't Restore Removable Storage Manager Data, (Access is denied).


In the Windows "System" Event Log, I found a pair of messages stating that the RSM Service was sent a stop signal.


In Retrospect options, under Media/Handling, I have checked the option "Stop Removable Storage Manager." I suppose that this is the source of my problem. Does this Retrospect option increase the stability of my backup operations? I cannot remember if or when or why I chose this setting. It was probably years ago, if ever. But I only started getting the error dialog boxes very recently.


I am using Retrospect 7.5, latest update from EMC web pile. I do mostly disk backups, with a tape backup once a month. I use Windows XP service pack 2, all hotfixes from Microsoft applied.


Thanks for any suggestions!

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... I have checked the option "Stop Removable Storage Manager." ...


Retrospect online Help has an item for "Removable Storage Manager" [RSM] and says "... Retrospect stops the [RSM] service by default ...". The printed Guide for 7.5 (2006) has information about RSM on p49 & p269.

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