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We purchased the Multiserver edition with the intent of being able to centralise and automate the back up of the company laptops. Unfortunately we have hit a problem that seems to be insoluble...


We have the Retrospect MS software (V 7.5.251) installed on a central server at our head office, the laptops have been given reserved IP addresses at their 'home' branch offices. The back up sets have been created to get the laptops to back up to the hard drives of the servers at the branch offices (all running Windows 2000 Server). The net result is that Retrospect only initiates the back up when the laptop is on its 'home' subnet and has the appropriate IP address


Everything seems to work perfectly except that Retrospect is dragging all the data to the central server then back out again to the branch offices which is killing the VPN for other users.


Is there any way of making the data stay within the appropriate subnet instead of hogging the network ?


(I originally posted this to the Multiserver forum but in think that maybe this is the better place for this question).


Thanks in anticipation





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I really doubt you can get it to backup without passing by the backup server.

That would mean the clients are writting directly to the backup set, which from a client-server SOEN pattern doesn't make much sense


You can always schedule the backups for a time when there's no one in the network

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