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Cannot configure Pioneer DVR-111D

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Got a DP 1.8 G5 (OS 10.4.8) that had a Pioneer DVR-107 in it originally and I upgraded to the 111D, Retrospect(6.1.126) sees it and wants to configure it, starts the process, but then locks up. I have tried different media and that doesn't help. Reinstalled Retrospect, nada. Any other suggestions?



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You should not have to "configure it" at all. It is a supported and qualified device if you have the current RDU:

Pioneer DVR-111D


You should delete the .rdi file (that results from a custom configuration) (or move it to the desktop) and it should just work. Supported devices work better from the RDU rather than from custom configuration.


What version of the Retrospect Driver Update ("RDU") do you have? Current version is, and that's the minimum version that is required for the DVR-111D. Update is here:

Retrospect Mac updates



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