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Error 1017 - Request for Summary Guidance Document


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Could someone from EMC Insignia - or one of the many talented contributers to these forums - please put together a guide which consolidates most of the known issues potentially involved in dealing with error 1017, and add it to the knowledgebase?


I bought Retrospect Professional over a year ago after a disk crash, and it has subsequently saved me in a number of lesser incidents. But problems with Retrospect seem to occur from time to time, and can be so difficult to resolve that I will seriously consider buying something else - suggestions welcomed. (Norton Ghost is the only really reliable backup I know, but that is too drastic for everyday use and a terabyte of data. I have just started trying a new approach, namely a 2TB Raid 5 NAS unit for external and backup storage.)


Error 1017 is a case in point of the frustrating problems that can arise with Retrospect, and it can be generated apparently in a multitide of different situations, with variations dependent on the version of Retrospect etc. Over several months of having incomplete backups, I have spent many hours going through the knowledgebase, and these forums, trying different alternatives such as how Retrospect is logged in, and system restore needing to be disabled (really?). I finally seem to have found a workaround for my own problem - running backup once with open file backup enabled (which gives me quite a few 1017 errors); and then once without - which gives quite a few 1020 and other errors. Not a very elegant solution, but it seems to work. (FWIW, I have Retrospect 7.0, and my problems are all on the local machine where I have it installed. I run a network client backup of my laptop without any problems. Those all seem to be factors which affect the nature of 1017 errors, and possible solutions.)

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