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Mac Powerbook Pro 2.0, Matshita DVD-R UJ-857 & Error 102 (Trouble communicating)

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I am having trouble now seemingly after the Apple WWAN Support Update


I've done troubleshooting including:

permissions fix

pram zap

disk first aid

retrospect driver update

reinstall retrospect 6.126 & driver update

reconfigure drive (verbatim dvd+rw 3 disks failed & hung Retrospect)

The current config had done scripted incremental backups successfully on over 40 of these disks in the past...


Any suggestions greatly appreciated! Thx.

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Hello bma,


I would try deleting the "device" files created in the MacHD:Library:Preferences:Retrospect folder and relaunch Retrospect again. These "device" files get created after you try to custom configure a drive and get used by default by Retrospect if it sees those files there.


From what I can see, this drive was supported back in the RDU version though theres a UJ-857D one for the (I'm assuming for "dual layer" support for the dual layer version of the drive).


If that doesnt help, Backup to an external hard drive =P I am not too fond of the optical media - they get scratched easily, etc... (just a suggestion smile.gif )

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