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2003 sbs


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Running multi V7.0.236 with no updates. Server was re-installed, retrospect re-installed after 2 years. I created a duplicate script for home folders. I prefer seeing folders/files instead of backup sets. This script runs everyday at 6pm and it runs perfect.


A second script that has important company docs located on a seperate internal drive was scripted to run at 7pm. It also is a duplicate, logs show that the script starts at 7:01, but it does not complete. History also shows me script starts, no errors, performance 0.0 and no elapsed time.


Come in the morning and it is still running. In fact, server becomes un-responsive. Nothing unusual in event viewer, check scripts, they are identical to home folder other than seperate source/destination and time.


Activity monitor says first script takes on only 29 minutes, so it can't be an overlap problem. No screen saver, HD's in power mgnmt are set to never.


Other that deleting the script and starting from scratch, anyone have any ideas as this is the scond time in 4 days I have created the script.

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