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Exchange backup sometimes slow


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Windows Multi server 7.5 - exchange server on a seperate machine - both running Win2003 server.


Exchange has aprox 40gig of data - and usualy does a full backup in 90..100 mins.

Sometimes it takes 8 hrs or even longer.


Neither machine shows any excessive CPU of LAN use.

It has happend to tape and to disk, after a reboot of both machines and not after.


Pausing and restarting has no effect.

Frequently - attempting to stop teh backup has no detectable effect - the buttons on the dialogue do change shading but nothing actually seems to happen.

Trying to exit the application - it sits there saying "Exiting" but I suspect it is lying. Left it for 10 hrs so far then got bored.


Killed with task manager - but this has on a coupple of occaisions trashed the backup set info.


This seems to happen every few weeks.

Nothing in the Event Logs or in the Retrospect logs.


Anyone seen this before - got any clues ?



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One that worked::

- 12/02/2007 18:32:42: Copying First Storage Group on ims1

Backup type: Full

12/02/2007 19:57:40: Execution completed successfully

Completed: 3 files, 37.8 GB

Performance: 456.2 MB/minute

Duration: 01:24:58 (00:00:08 idle/loading/preparing)



One that worked (?) and took ages then refused to finish properly::


- 19/02/2007 18:32:51: Copying First Storage Group on ims1

Backup type: Full

20/02/2007 03:04:43: Execution completed successfully

Completed: 3 files, 38.9 GB

Performance: 77.7 MB/minute

Duration: 08:31:51 (00:00:09 idle/loading/preparing)

<Nothing else in log - tried pauseing/restarting - tried Stopping - tried exiting - none appeard to do anything>


There were some interesting events but both servers seem to be functioning normaly.


Event Type: Warning

Event Source: smtpsvc

Event ID: 2012

Date: 20/02/2007 01:26:43

SMTP could not connect to the DNS server '<an external router>'. The protocol used was 'UDP'. It may be down or inaccessible.


Then again at 8am -


Thats all there is.


I did do a full store backup and a per mailbox backup onece - both took the same time.

(not sure I understand the term "brick")



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