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Network login 1017 failure from Retrospect to Infrant ReadyNAS NV+

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I've configured my laptop to run backups via automated script onto my Infrant ReadyNAS NV+. The ReadyNAS has "User" type security configured (I am not using a Windows Exchange server), e.g. usernameA / passwordA on share usr_usernameA. Security is set for read/write access to owner and group; read-only for everyone else.


When the script is running, it cannot get access to the ReadyNAS share, due to a server login error -1017 (insufficient permissions). Attempting to browse the ReadyNAS directories from within Retrospect also produces the same error, and the browser also asks for my password, even though I had set it already.


Accessing the network space using Windows Explorer gives me no problems, though.


Any suggestions?


- Dan


Other information:


I am using Retrospect Professional OEM (came with the ReadyNAS) 7.5.370 on Windows XP SP2.


ReadyNAS NV+ has the latest firmware upgrades.


This is all done over a regular 100 Mbps Ethernet network with static IP addressing on all hardware.

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