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Restoring older files

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I wish to restore older files from my server-backup instead of the most recent ones. Anyone done that before? No solution in "Support" or anywhere else.



This is a _very_ common operation, in fact there is a thread just this very day on this very Forum discussing it.


Start with the Retrospect User's Guide; if you have additional questions after becoming familiar with how the program works, ask us here and we'll be happy to address them.

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Okay, I've gotten to the point where I can choose the older version of the file I want to restore. However, once I choose to retore the file I get the "Exectution completed successfully" window, with 0 files restored. This happens for any file I try to restore that is not the most recent version of the backed up file.


Example: I have a file called dinner.qxd. It was accidentally overwritten. I can restore the latest backup, which is the overwritten version. If I try to restore the older dinner.qxd, I just get "Execution completed successfully" window with 0 files restored.


This happens with both of our catalogs (A and B sets of tapes). I am recatologing the B set now to see if that will help. Any other info would be appreciated!



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