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Iomega REV not recognized on backup to a new backup set


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I use an Iomega REV for daily backups on 04:00 o'clock in the morning with media change once a week. For this, I use an automatic script with "backup to a new backup set" action set each saturday morning (cycle saturady to friday, medium change on friday afternoon).


But this action don't recognize a "new" (see below) medium when the script starts, and opens a dialog box for manual drive/medium choice for the physical sysadmin user only (not accessible from Remotedesktop).


I define "new medium" as a empty medium without label like a new CD-Rom, right? If so, a new REV medium will never be "empty", since it is not possible to format a REV medium without name. The UDF format used for REV media simply forces a name for each medium, that's what Iomega told me. Different standard (Iomega and Retrospect) volume labels don't seem to work.


So, how can a format/empty a REV medium any way that it is recognized automatically by the "new backup set" action on a Retrospect script?


Kind regards

Guido Schnepp

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