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Backup Tape Help?


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Small Business Server Standard

Version 7.5.324

Driver Update and Hot Fix, Version


Heres my problem. I run a full backup of our server every week night(mon-fri). We keep storing more and more stuff on the server, and now the backup is still running in the morning when everyone gets here. I can't/won't change the start time so don't suggest it.


Here's my thought. I want to do a full backup on friday night(Backup can run long because no ones here Saturday morning). Monday I'll put in a new tape. Can I get Retrospect to read the catalog for the friday backup, and only write data that has changed sense that backup? I would also like to do the same thing on Tuesday. Read from the friday catalog as well, and only backup what's changed. Same for Wednesday and Thursday. This way I'll only have two tapes at any giving point. I figure this will cut back on the total time it takes to backup the server.


Will this work? If so how do I go about setting this up? Or does someone else have a better suggestion? Thanks

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Backup Sets:

1. Backup Set Weekday (schedule to run Mon thru Thurs)

2. Backup Set Full (scheduled to run Friday only)


Friday night create a full backup tape called "Backup Set Full."

Monday thru Thursday create a "Backup Set Weekday"


Now schedule a restore to replace "Backup Set Weekday" with "Backup Set Full" just prior to running a "Weekday Backup" This should allow retrospect to only replace files that have changed after the Friday "Backup Set Full." Thus allowing Retrospect to recycle the backup sets, instead of manually deleting them. Correct?

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