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Catalog Rebuild -- 120 GB External USB Drive 283 backup files


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I've been rebuilding the catalog for a backup set for...8+ days!. There's no corruption, but the information I'm getting leads me to believe that this isn't working properly. My catalog file is now over 4 GB (plenty of room on my hard drive). I rebuilt to begin grooming (and to recover from backing up accidentally to another backup set) and am getting nervous because I haven't backed up in a while.


Activity Monitor is closing in on "Completed: 17 million files, 6,000 GB 8+days."


What should I do? Keep it running?


Everything seems to be running smoothly -- but I think I've been pretty patient up to now!

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Most of the files were generated in Retrospect 6.0X. I upgraded to 7.5 recently, and everything worked just great, including restores. So there are *no* errors in my files, no corruption, etc., and there is no indication that anything is wrong.....except that the numbers keep climbing -- as if I'm stuck in a loop. So what would you suggest that I do to stop this insanity? I read in another thread that down-grading to a previous version helped in a similar instance, but I don't have access to that version. Thanks for your help.

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