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Retrospect Incorrectly Reports Hard drive Disk Set Full

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I have recently encountered a problem with my backup set incorrectly reporting the disk is full, but still has ~400 GB of space remaining. This is the first "disk" in the set, and it stopped at 1 TB. Retrospect asked for the next disk in the set originally, and now won't ask again. Retrospect works correctly with my other backup set using all the same hardware (and it seems to have gone over the 1 TB limit as well).


I found an article in the knowledgebase called "Retrospect incorrectly reports Disk Full when doing a backup" (Article # 5186), but it was not for version 6. The catalog is OK (I just verified it)


Below is a summary of my setup:


Dual 2.0 GHz G5

Mac OS 10.4.8

Retrospect Server 6.1.126

RocketRAID 2322 PCIe SATA II controller

Sonnet Fusion 400 eSATA enclosure

4x500GB WD RE2 SATA II drives

RAID 5 (total of 1.5 GB of space)

Mounted on Mac OS X as 1-Back Set D

~30 backup clients (Mac and PC)


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Retrospect for Macintosh does not have a "Hard drive Disk Set."


It sounds from what you've posted that you are using a Removable Backup Set.


The main reason to use a Removable Backup Set is when you expect your data to require spanning across multiple physical Media Members. Do you have multiple RAID 5 volumes on which you intend to store your data?


It would also be impossible for more then one Backup Set to utilize the same Member of a Removable Backup Set. This makes the comment "...Retrospect works correctly with my other backup set using all the same hardware..." difficult to understand.


Two questions that should be answered:


- What Type of Backup Set is having the problem?

- What Type of Backup Set(s) work as expected?




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Thank you for your reply. I wasn't very clear in my initial post.


I am using 2 Removable Backup Sets (each made up of . I have 2 Backup Sets (D & E), since i have a requirement to store one set off site and rotate them monthly. The other set uses all the same hardware, it is just another set of 4 500GB hard drives RAIDed together.


So to answer your questions:


- I do have 2 RAID 5 volumes that backup to (as separate sets) which I rotate monthly

- Both of my backup sets are the same type (and identical hardware), and one works as expected and one does not

- I do want the ability to span "disks" (or RAID volumes). We collect GB of data monthly, so we need our backup sets to have the ability to grow.



I hope this is the information you need. I apologize again if I am not being clear.




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Both volumes are configured exactly the same way.


As for recreating the problem RAID, I'm not quite sure what you mean. The volume successfully mounts each time, so I don't think it is a hardware/RAID issue. As a side note, I had run across this issue (Retrospect thinking a drive was full when it wasn't) with my previous backup sets (external firewire drives). For those sets, I just retired the backup sets and moved on to this newer system.


I'm not sure there is a solution here, so I am ready to recycle the backup set and try again.



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