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file backup set - preferred or not?


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I'm relatively new to Retrospect Express. I've been looking through this forum on the issue of creating a file backup set versus a disk backup set. The RE User's Guide seems to want to dissuade you from doing a file BU. I understand that the catalog file stores with the backup when you do a file bu as opposed to the catalog storing on the source drive with a disk bu.


I have a large external drive that has tons of space. I can't see any reason not to have the catalog file on the external drive with the backup files. If the source drive completely crashes and I have the catalog file on the external drive then I don't have to fiddle with recreating the catalog file to restore the source drive. Since I use my source drive constantly and only use the external drive for backup the source drive would be far more likely to crap out on me than the external drive.


To my way of thinking, when using a large external drive to store bu there's no good reason to do a disk backup and every reason to do a file backup.


Can anyone give me compelling reason not to have my catalog file stored on the same external disk as my backup data? Am I missing something here?



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